August 16, 2019

2019 Schedule

Saturday, September 28th

11:00a  Documentary Short and Feature

Who’s With Me?

Spoken word poem in response to the police shootings of unarmed African Americans.


Follows a pioneer of the restorative justice movement and his impassioned efforts to nurture troubled youth and keep them in school.  He works to fight racial discrimination by replacing snap suspensions and expulsions with gritty, intimate and honest mentoring.

1:30p  Comedy Short Films 

You’re Accepted

A volunteer at a film festival has an unexpected day.

Only a Movie!

A man realizes that life is a terrible movie and searches for a way to rewrite his own ending. 


Susan-Kate and Jenn navigate the perils of writing and pitching a show, best friends with very different personalities who HATE working together.

A Play

Two friends go to see a play and realize just how terrifying supporting the Arts can be.

Your Last Day on Earth

A man dressed as a fox breaks the spacetime limits with one goal: to spend time with his deceased wife.  But, someone else has a far more complex and ambitious plan.


This bilingual short follows an overworked Cuban-American millennial rushing to pack for a trip to Havana.  When her eccentric Abuelo drags her on a last-minute hunt for a rare car part, she confronts her own privilege in a race against the clock.

3:00p  Student Short Films

Picture Day

Through her emotional connection to photographs, a foster child,discovers what hope feels like for the first time.


A self-conscious boy tries to cope.

What the Tide

After having moved to Europe for a year, a student returns home for the first time to reconnect with family and friends.


A short portrait of a strange, yet familiar family, as they bury their pet in the backyard. 


Tae, an arrogant teen, is paired up with Lily, a girl who is blind, for an art history project. 

The World Within Vincent

A depressed office worker copes with his day-to-day boredom by falling into fantasy daydreams where he imagines himself as a hero – the hero who gets the girl!

4:30p  Local Filmmakers

Life on Set

A hilarious mockumentary that shows life behind the scenes of a TV show.

Huggles With You

Behind the scenes of a Sesame-street-knockoff program called “Huggles With You.” Harry, a stubborn yet timid actor, must break outside his comfort zone in order to talk with his crush, Jamie.

Yallah Habibi

Needy customers, a new crush, and a suffocating mother send an actress over the deep end as she struggles through a shift at her family’s restaurant.


Doug suddenly finds himself metaphysically locked up in the cover photo of his Facebook page and must acquire one million likes in order to escape.

Booster Mom

A group of parent high school boosters must join forces for donations when a friend becomes a rival.

Feeding a Cause

The story of Bill Bracken, the founder of Bracken’s Kitchen, a nonprofit organization which fights food insecurity in Orange County, by giving resources to those in need and touching the lives of people in the community.

7:00p  Narrative Feature

Once Upon a River

It’s 1978 and Margo Crane, a 15 year-old, part-Native teen, must take to the Stark River on an odyssey.  Based on the best-selling novel ONCE UPON A RIVER, by Bonnie Jo Campbell. (Warning: sexual violence)

Sunday, September 29th

11:00a  Narrative Feature


A teenage inventor’s life spirals into chaos when a nefarious group discovers he’s invented a device that can hear into the past.

1:00p  Iranian Short Films

Piece Cemetery 85 (Drama)

The eldest son in the family insists on burying an expensive rug with his father’s corpse, but the officials of the cemetery are opposed.

Difference (Drama)

A few young men are in a very weird situation, since each one does not see the other and denies his existence.

Speaker (Comedy)

In a public bathroom, an announcement keeps repeating.

Summer Snow (Dark Comedy)

Ashkan has a mysterious roommate, who has to be kept hidden from others.  When his girlfriend arrives, everything turns weird.

2:15p  Animated Short Films

With My Own Two Hands

The life of a man shown through his hands and the ones around him.

Uniteral Life

A child’s red balloon brings him only joy and happiness—until he gets older.

Hard Way

There are many ways to climb a mountain.

There is Sea

Under the ocean, two little colorful fish are born.

The Incomplete

A hungry Otter is obsessed with perfection.  His desire to live in a perfect world may cost him the chance for happiness.

Take a Deep Breath!

A woman hears about a crime and remembers being assaulted.  She has to decide whether to stay safe inside her home, or be brave and go outside.


A totalitarian regime does not accept diversity.


A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story.  She has to flee when everybody accuses her of violence and murder.

Medium Rare

Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

Shadow Life: Shining Through Colorism and Depression

A short documentary about a young woman dealing with racism and colorism and how it led to depression and anxiety.

3:30p  Surfing Short Films

Paddling for Happiness

Afghanistan changed Martin’s life forever, but not his passion for the perfect wave.

Of the Sea

Of the Sea is an inspirational, feminist surf film that follows a mother and her entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption.

To the Sea

A group of surfers organize and are able to advocate for the first federal law in the world for the protection of waves. 


Zach loves crafting boards almost as much as he loves using them. 

The Forgotten Archipelago

While navigating minefields on a sparsely populated island in the South Atlantic, surfers trade a barrel of crude oil and 12-packs of Budweiser for the chance to pioneer waves nothing short of extraordinary.

5:00p  Local Filmmakers 2 

Dark Classics

A monologue by Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s classic play “Macbeth,” part of a feature documentary, “A Bard for the Ages: Shakespeare’s Timeless Effect.”

Noend House

A thrill-seeker gets more than he bargained for when he enters a local haunted house.

The Entry

A young woman is driven to return something vital.

Assassin’s Apprentice

A coming of age story about an apprentice assassin and her relationship with her trainer and their handler. 

The Rotting

An elderly man reflects on the warning his grandfather gave him as a boy.

Missed Exit

A woman is stranded in the desert, forcing her to face her biggest obstacle – herself.

Our Rose Garden

A love story about the life-changing power of forgiveness and fidelity. The story of two couples: one struggling against infidelity and the other fighting mental illness.

7:00p  Awards Ceremony

Screenplay Semi-Finalists

(Finalists will be announced at our Awards Ceremony on September 29th)

(in alphabetical order)

Feature Film Screenplays

The Better High, by Doug Mazell and Charles Ryan

The Coldest Horizon, by Jeffrey Howe

Flat-rate Frank, by Jeffrey Howe

The Funny Farm, by Robert Ward

The Last Solution, by Micheal McAlexander

Mr. Moon & The Sasquatch, by Scott Smith

Oakland, by Andrew Koponen

Short Film Screenplays

The Blackout Menace, by Kyle Smith

Chasing, by Cooper Lewis

Mania, by Greg Mania

The Oblate, by Beth Hoover

Films – Honorable Mention

(in alphabetical order)

Belong to Us, directed by Patrick Rea

Broken, directed by Enrico Natale

Community First, A Home for the Homeless, directed by Layton Blaylock

Craving Greatness, directed by Marla Hammons

Existential Donut, directed by Jason Pierre

The Fiddling Horse, directed by C.J. Wallis

40th, directed by Neil Fennell

Hatchback, directed by Eric Sheffield

I Will Wait, directed by Mohammed Sherwani

Mediocrity, directed by Drew Danburry

Modern Slave, directed by Spencer Currie

Murder in Mobile, directed by Adam Fischer

The Old Man and the Dead, directed by Amirreza Falaki

Outside Arcadia, directed by Robb Rokk

Raising Buchanan, directed by Bruce Dellis

Ready, directed by Debbie Yen

The Sea Swells, directed by Amir Gholami

Smile, directed by Leslie Alejandro

The Stain, directed by Shoresh Vakili

The Tale of my Lush Green Field, directed by Parviz Amini

This Isn’t Me, directed by Adrian Elliot

Tokyo Bicycle Tour, directed by Neil Garscadden

The Very Last Day, directed by Cédric Jouarie

Void, directed by Ethan Nahlinder

Welcome to the Ball, directed by Adam Vincent Wright