April 15, 2019


When is HBFF?

September 26-28, 2019. We’ll update as we know more, but for now refer to our post about our former home for more details. Ticket information will also be updated as we move forward, along with recommendations for travel, etc.

How do I submit? And how will I know if my film is accepted?

Just click here to submit on Film Freeway! Pricing and deadlines are also available! The earlier you submit, the more you can save on fees. Please do not email us your film– only films submitted on Film Freeway will be considered.

We will notify filmmakers of our final picks on August 1, 2019 through Film Freeway.

Do you offer fee waivers?

We’re a community film festival with a limited budget. We love you and we love your films, and in a perfect world submission fees wouldn’t exist! But as it is, we typically give waivers only to filmmakers in countries with international sanctions or those with significant, demonstrable financial setbacks.

We know that’s a bit vague, but basically we consider full fee waivers case by case when the argument is something other than “I had just enough money to make the movie, but can’t afford to submit.”

To our filmmaker friends with small festival budgets: we understand, and we’re sorry, but we can’t hand out fee waivers to every independent filmmaker, regardless of how much we’d like to! We have to prioritize keeping our doors open.

This is a guideline, not a hard rule, and there are occasionally times when it suits our programming interests to give a fee waiver to a film that doesn’t fit these requirements. That is usually only for films that we might need to complete a block or fill a niche. But it is relatively rare.

How about discounts?

THAT is another story. You will have much better luck requesting a discount than a full waiver, especially if your film is about senior issues, surfing and the ocean, or if you’re a Huntington Beach resident.

(We also love horror and sci-fi, so please please please send us your horror and sci-fi… you might just get a discount!)

Alumni automatically get a 25% discount, so drop us a line!

Do you accept works in progress?

Yes, but it’s in your best interest for the film to be mostly complete. And if your film is accepted, you must be prepared to provide the completed version by August 25th, 2019.