August 20, 2017

Work With Us

The Huntington Beach Film Festival offers a unique virtual internship program. Are you in a film, television, or media related major? Drop us a line!

This internship calls for movie lovers of all majors but especially those with an entertainment, event planning or marketing focus. You will be responsible for screening and evaluating festival entries, gathering marketing information, participating on social media, and getting a deep understanding of what goes into a film festival leading up to the actual event.

Interns will have the opportunity to gain practical and professional experience, in depth insight into the workings of a festival and may even begin building a network of contacts.

While this internship is primarily virtual and can be performed year round, we do have elements that can be done on-site at different points and especially during the festival itself. Your 16-week internship can start at any time and does not have to necessarily coincide with a traditional semester schedule.


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